“Pockets” of Knowledge

There are few things I love more, than to hear a new word and, upon looking it up, unearthing a new body of knowledge—What a wonderful feeling!

I rarely watch TV, but happened to catch a couple of episode of this show called “Prospectors,” where people dig for minerals. They’re always talking about “hitting pockets,” meaning they have discovered a cavity with a lot of valuable minerals. “Bread and butter pockets,” they say.

The prospectors’ eyes beam of enthusiasm, overpowering the gemstones in their hands, whenever they discover a “pocket.” They must get the same kind of rush that I get from stumbling upon a “new” body of knowledge.

In a sense, books are my “pockets.” My “bread and butter pockets.”

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

In software development, I feel like there’s too much focus on being efficient, and too little focus on being effective. Many people seem to believe that efficiency is synonymous to effectiveness. Alas, it is not.

Efficiency is a measure of velocity; how fast you get things done. Effectiveness, on the other hand, is a measure of quality; how well you get things done, and that you’re doing the right thing in the first place.

There’s no use in being efficient if you’re doing the wrong thing. It doesn’t matter how well you cooked that steak, if your customer craves lobster.

Be effective first, efficient second.

Return to WordPress

I’ve been jumping back and forth between different content management systems and static site generators, searching for “the perfect blogging platform.” Now full circle, I’m back to WordPress—This time for the long haul. Despite my PHP-phobia, I cannot find a simpler alternative.

Now that I don’t have an excuse to procrastinate by tinkering on the code behind the scenes of my blog, there’s a chance that I’ll make some headway on my writing and other, more valuable projects. Because time is scarce.