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I’m a Norwegian/American INTP-ish guy, living in the capital of Norway with my better half. For the past ~8 years, I’ve had various roles on several software projects, including MMORPG computer games at Funcom, and business applications for financial institutions at Laboremus (my current employer).

I enjoy the “human aspects” of software development, programming, programming language theory and computer graphics. I also enjoy reading, and exploratory writing as a tool for thinking and learning.

Through this blog, I will share my ideas, thoughts and experiences, in hope that you might find it useful, or at least somewhat interesting. I appreciate feedback, so please get in touch if you have something to say.


Everything I write on this site are my own views and opinions, which do not necessarily represent those of my former, current or future employers, nor their clients. All examples drawn from real-life experiences are anonymized.

Some links on this site contain my affiliate links (i.e. Amazon). For these referrals, I receive small commissions as Amazon gift cards, which I spend on new eBooks. These books, in turn, give me fresh ideas for new blog posts.