Happiness Is

The following is an excerpt from “Happiness Is” by The Verve Pipe—A song that’s been reverberating in my head for years.

The world is giving you the run around
it leaves you feeling low and let down
But happiness is wherever you find it

I’m not waiting for a friend beside me
or for the Lord above to guide me
My happiness is wherever I find it
and I wanna find it with you.

I don’t know how we get so out of touch
but I don’t want much
just to find out what happiness is.

Which begs the question: What is happiness to you, and where does it come from? This is the ultimate question that I wish to answer.

(To be continued.)


  1. Ein Limbo says

    Happiness is to me, a feeling that comes from within. There isn’t a damn thing on this earth that can force you to be happy. Some things are very hard, but you just have to remember it’s all gonna be okay in the end. Happiness is seeing a beautiful purple flower and stopping for a second to think about it. Happiness is the feeling of waking up in a warm bed. Happiness is realizing that guy that cut you off in traffic is probably having a worse day than you.

    Happiness is letting the world dance around you and going along with it the best you can. Happiness is the realization that we are all one, because we can’t exist without others.

    Happiness is realizing everything is connected, It’s realizing that without flowers there would be no bees, and likewise without bees (or other pollinating insects) no flowers.

  2. says

    Happiness to me are all the small moments in life.
    These days that means brisk Autumn air in the morning, having a nice meal, getting a message from my special someone, the moment when I’m photographing something interesting, or editing it afterwards.

  3. Coffeeology says

    To me, happiness is a state of mind. It’s when you feel comfortable being who you are,
    And when you accept the fact that there are ups and downs in life and that’s alright when you don’t get what you want.
    It’s almost as if happiness and peacefulness are synonymous.

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