The CoDe:U Git Flow

Yesterday, Lars Kruse from Praqma ventured all the way from Denmark to Oslo, to show the gang at DevOps Norway their new Git branching model, called CoDe:U. Read the white paper for CoDe:U here.

To quote the white paper:

Continuous Delivery (CoDe) is an approach that builds very much on divide and conquer. It’s bred from a lean and agile paradigm and it encourages you to minimize work in progress and continuously deliver the bits of work you are done with.

In a nutshell, their model boils down to eliminating the long-lived develop branch and hotfix branches in nvie’s famous Git branching model, in order to avoid merge conflicts and to eliminate some manual steps.

If you’re looking for a branching model to use on your next project, then CoDe:U is a model to consider. And I’m sure the guys at Praqma would appreciate any feedback to help improve and further develop this model.

Oh, and if you’re into DevOps and happen to find yourself in or around Copenhagen on October 22nd, then you might want to check out the Continuous Delivery & DevOps Conference.

“Pockets” of Knowledge

There are few things I love more, than to hear a new word and, upon looking it up, unearthing a new body of knowledge—What a wonderful feeling!

I rarely watch TV, but happened to catch a couple of episode of this show called “Prospectors,” where people dig for minerals. They’re always talking about “hitting pockets,” meaning they have discovered a cavity with a lot of valuable minerals. “Bread and butter pockets,” they say.

The prospectors’ eyes beam of enthusiasm, overpowering the gemstones in their hands, whenever they discover a “pocket.” They must get the same kind of rush that I get from stumbling upon a “new” body of knowledge.

In a sense, books are my “pockets.” My “bread and butter pockets.”

Happiness Is

The following is an excerpt from “Happiness Is” by The Verve Pipe—A song that’s been reverberating in my head for years.

The world is giving you the run around
it leaves you feeling low and let down
But happiness is wherever you find it

I’m not waiting for a friend beside me
or for the Lord above to guide me
My happiness is wherever I find it
and I wanna find it with you.

I don’t know how we get so out of touch
but I don’t want much
just to find out what happiness is.

Which begs the question: What is happiness to you, and where does it come from? This is the ultimate question that I wish to answer.

(To be continued.)